The bigger your website becomes, the more complex e–mail account administration turns into. And this is when you’ll be able to make full use of the all–embracing E Mail Manager. It has all of the features you’ll need for you to get in charge of your mailboxes, and it’s equipped with a straightforward interface. With just a few mouse–clicks you can configure email forwarding, set up an email auto–reply, configure anti–spam protection, etcetera. Simply scroll down to see what Best Web Hosting 2018’s E Mail Manager can offer you!

Anti–Spam Protection

Spam will be driven out of your email accounts

We have launched a custom–made anti–spam solution making use of properly set up methods to sort the incoming messages. Depending on what type of spam messages you receive, it is easy to regulate the levels of defense. Still, be cautious with the high level of protection, since it could possibly filter out valuable messages. You can even state a distinct level of spam defense for each and every mailbox you’ve got.

All of the spam messages can be either deleted or sent to a specific mailbox. It’s possible to select which action you like through the anti–spam protection tool’s interface.

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Email Forwarding

Route e–mails with just a mouse–click

Email forwarding is one of the more applied tools in the E Mail Manager that’s why we have tried our best so, it will be as elementary as possible. All that you should complete is actually choose the email account that you would like to use and specify the mail where you need the incoming messages to be forwarded to.

Additionally, you can pick if the forwarded mailbox should also store the emails, or if they will be deleted right after being forwarded.

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Email Filters

Generate customizable spam filters with no trouble

Email filters are a tool you’ll be able to make use of. They operate in a very simple manner depending on keyword phrases. All that you should actually do is state the keywords that you like the filter to make use of and exactly which section of the email account these key words should be located in like subject line, message body, footer, etc.

One way you may use electronic mail filters is to redirect all of the spam messages into a pre–specified directory. Then you can in addition specify if you need the filtered e–mail messages to be kept in the directory (allowing you to check if some message is sent there in error), it has to be deleted.

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Email Protection

DomainKeys and then SPF protection for your mailbox

Protection is truly one of Best Web Hosting 2018’s leading concerns. Including your email messages. All email accounts are protected by default by DomainKeys, a solution also used by Yahoo, AOL and Google. It provides a simple route to associate the sender’s domain with the email message.

SPF protection can be described as a service which can affect just about all mail accounts under a specific web site. It will serve to counteract ’email forging’ – that means mailing e–mail messages from a email address not made on your web server.

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Email Auto–Configure Option

Create a mailbox on your PC in a click

If you check your e–mail account using your notebook computer or PC, you almost certainly use an e–mail client. To save you the trouble of needing to manually include each next e–mail address to your mail client, we’ve included clever ’auto–configure’ files. Just get hold of the file and load it with your mail application – this will instantly configure your a mailbox within your desired desktop client.

We have auto–configure files for: Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Outlook and also Outlook Express.

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Seen on any system, anyplace

For those who do not have access to a mail client, it’s easy to access your mail via Best Web Hosting 2018’s email client – Roundcube. There’s just one link you have to memorize, and you can visit it through any web–connected gadget around the globe!

You could also instantly log in through your Web Site Control Panel, with no need to enter any e–mail login credentials.

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