If you require a quick and easy method to include a photo album into your web site, then the open–source Gallery album organizer is an ideal answer to your preferences. It provides a streamlined and well–designed interface, and it’s totally free!

Besides its simplicity, with Gallery you will also find lots of advanced actions. You’ll be able to to modify your photos and add a variety of effects to them, without having to use any additional web app. You’ll also be able to tag different people on your pics or add your tailor–made watermark to guard them against unauthorized use.

Gallery–Optimized Linux Cloud Web Hosting Services

Thanks to Best Web Hosting 2018’s Gallery Linux cloud web hosting solution, you can have your web gallery published on the world wide web with just a click of the mouse. All you need to do is pick Gallery from the web application drop–down menu on the order form and we’re going to install your picture book software once we configure your Linux cloud web hosting account. That will allow you to begin working on your pic gallery just after the sign–up procedure has been completed.

Every Gallery Linux cloud web hosting offer will be secured by a range of service guarantees for the trouble–free efficiency of your web gallery. Your Linux cloud web hosting account is set up cost–free and will and will include a 99.9% uptime warranty. On top of that, if you are not satisfied with Best Web Hosting 2018’s Gallery Linux cloud web hosting service, turn to our 30–day money–back guarantee.

A Point & Click Web Site Control Panel

At Best Web Hosting 2018 we provide you a user–friendly solution to handle your Gallery web sites. Included with every Gallery Linux cloud web hosting pack, you will find our custom Web Site Control Panel. Built by Best Web Hosting 2018 for us, it offers superior performance and steadiness in comparison to other control panels. Furthermore, it helps you to take care of both your web site and also your domain name from a single location.

Within our Control Panel you will find lots of valuable software tools and bonus apps that will help you with your current web site along with all of your upcoming tasks. With our File Manager you’ll be able to upload files by dragging and then dropping them into your browser. Best Web Hosting 2018’s Domain Manager will let you command plenty of domain names simultaneously. Our Web Stats Manager starts gathering website visitor details for your site once it goes live.